Old picket fence from which Wall Street gets its name.

1650 Wealth Management was named in recognition of the year 1650, when Dutch colonists began constructing a 12-foot protective wall — the New Amsterdam palisade — to protect their colony. The street running alongside this protective wall, was Dutch named “de Waal Straat”, which we know today as Wall Street, home of the world’s largest stock exchange.

As a symbol of both protection and trade, the New Amsterdam palisade represents our firm’s mission: We seek to protect and conservatively grow our clients' wealth.

1650 Wealth Management is an independent, fee-only, fiduciary firm committed to a culture that puts our clients’ interests first. We are invested in your success and dedicated to building long-term client relationships.

WE ARE INDEPENDENT. Since we are an independent, boutique firm, you can be assured that our recommendations are free from either corporate mandates or sales commissions. We do not have stockholders to answer to, nor are we confined to a limited set of investment options. As an independent firm, we have the freedom to select from thousands of investment products and companies in order to locate solutions which we believe will help in meeting our clients’ personal financial goals.

WE ARE FEE-ONLY. Unlike some financial firms, we do not sell investment or banking products, nor are we compensated by sales commissions for individual trades. We also do not accept referral compensation for recommending any third-party service providers such as accountants, estate planning attorneys, mortgage brokers, etc. We only receive a management fee for managing your account.

WE ARE A FIDUCIARY FIRM. We have a legal obligation — a fiduciary duty — to put our clients’ interests first. Many so-called “financial advisors” or “retirement specialists” do not work under a fiduciary responsibility. They may hold various licenses, but if they sell products and receive sales commissions, their best interests may not be aligned with yours. At 1650 Wealth Management, we put our fiduciary responsibility in writing. A fiduciary is legally obligated to act in the best interest of their clients and attempt to avoid conflicts of interest, or mitigate and disclose these conflicts to you. Please refer to our Form ADV for information regarding our disclosures.