Investment Management Services

This is a complex, time-intensive, and dynamic process that requires constant attention, therefore it is important to select an experienced professional who will maintain vigilance over your portfolio. We use a combination of active and passive strategies and we create customized investment portfolios for our clients based upon their unique risk tolerance level and investment time horizon. The responses from a client risk tolerance questionnaire (RTQ) in addition to in-depth and ongoing conversations with each client help guide us in constructing an investment portfolio which attempts to accomplish their short and long-term financial goals and objectives.

The investment approach we use is similar to that of major endowments and large pensions and we diversify among various asset classes including domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, and real estate. The investments we incorporate within our clients’ portfolios include exchange traded funds (ETF’s), no load mutual funds, and structured notes.

Retirement Planning Services

We assist our clients with preparing their financial game plan prior to and during their retirement years. We attempt to ensure that growth and income from their portfolio will provide sufficient funds to support their cash flow requirements during their retirement. Our advice is designed with the objective of helping our clients “Sleep Well at Night” during retirement. We design our clients' portfolios to provide cash flow to supplement their social security income and other income sources with the goal of supporting their lifestyles during their retirement years.

College Planning Services

We work with our clients to address the educational funding requirements for their children or grandchildren through the use of custodial accounts, trust accounts, and 529 Plans. Since each situation may be unique to the particular client, we attempt to provide a list of possible solutions to accomplish each clients' college funding requirements.

Estate Planning, Insurance, and Mortgage Financing Services

Since we seek to constantly provide a high level of service for our clients, we partner with local professionals to provide for our client’s estate planning, insurance, and mortgage financing needs. The use of trained professionals in these areas is designed with the expectation that our clients will receive specific advice which meets their particular needs.