How Do The Wealthy Invest Their Money? Part 1

Financial Advisors MiamiOver the past 14 years, as a Wealth Management Advisor, I have had the opportunity to sit down and meet with business owners, entrepreneurs, retirees and working professionals from all walks and stages of life.  These investors had either been managing their personal and retirement accounts in their spare time, or they had a relationship with a financial advisor or investment advisor and were seeking a second opinion.  Whether they had $500,000 or $5 million to invest, they all expressed similar sentiments.  They had experienced the euphoria associated with market highs, but they also experienced the anxiety, fear and tremendous sense of loss that market lows had brought them.  They couldn’t stomach risking their hard earned wealth in the market, but yet they knew between inflation and taxes, staying strictly in cash or CD’s/bonds, they would not be adequately prepared for their retirement years.

As I continued to hear the same feelings expressed by investors, I decided to write an investment guide  and reveal a strategy utilized by the ultra-wealthy, major institutions and endowments, such as Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.   It is an investment strategy that allows many wealthy investors to sleep well at night, even during a bear market, yet only a small percentage of average investor’s ( and even financial advisors) utilize or are privy to it, and yet have the opportunity to access.

You can download my FREE 13 page Investment Guide:  ” How The Wealthy Invest, What They Know That You Don’t” by CLICKING HERE .   Stay tuned to my series, “How The Wealthy Invest”, as we cover the 7 top investment mistakes preventing investors from reaching their retirement goals and the investment strategy allowing wealthy investors to “sleep well at night”, even during a bear market.


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