Hedge Fund Advertising Ban Lifted, What You Should Know

If you have been tuned into financial news this past week, you will have learned that the SEC repealed their 80-year long advertising ban on hedge funds.   Many investors are unsure as to what this means for them.   A barrage of advertising messages?

Tom Balcom, Founder of 1650 Wealth Management was interviewed by NerdWallet in the article “The Hedge Fund Advertising Ban Lifted: What Should Investors Know?“,  where he shared his perspective on the recent SEC repeal stating,

“The lifting of the SEC ban means nothing to the casual investor since hedge funds are primarily open only to accredited investors.  For those investors that qualify, they should investigate the strategy to determine if and where it fits within their portfolio. Since a number of hedge funds are highly unregulated, investors should diversify their investments and not allocate too much to any individual hedge fund.”

If you have questions on this topic or any other financial question, please call Tom Balcom at 1-800-65-9560.  He would be happy to set-up a 60-minute complimentary consultation to review your current investment plan strategy.

1650 Wealth Management is a Fee-only, Independent, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm located in South Florida with office locations in both Fort Lauderdale and Miami.  The Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) at 1650 Wealth Management possess over 40 combined years of investment experience, specializing in working with business owners, entrepreneurs and working professionals.


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