Complimentary Consultation

60-Minute Second Opinion Consultation

At 1650 Wealth Management, we offer a 60-Minute Second Opinion Consultation.  This is a free, no-obligation meeting that can be scheduled together in person or as a web conference.

During our time together, we will:

  • Discuss your financial goals, risk tolerance and retirement needs.
  • Review and analyze your current investment holdings.
  • Provide you with an unbiased investment recommendation report.

If we think your current investments are appropriate, we’ll gladly tell you so.  If we think your investments are no longer suitable based on your financial goals, we’ll explain why and recommend a sound investment allocation plan.

As an Independent, Registered Investment Advisory firm, we have the ability to provide our clients with non-biased investment recommendations, free from corporate mandates or sales quota’s, typically found at larger brokerage houses.   We will never sell you a product.  We do not receive sales commissions or referral kick-backs.  You can count on us to provide you with complete transparency and objective advice .  Your success is our success.

Call us today at 1.800.658.9560 or complete our online request form below to schedule a consultation.   We look forward to meeting with you!

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