Best Investment Protection Strategies

Tom Balcom, Founder of 1650 Wealth Management, was interviewed this week by CNBC, regarding the hedging or protection investment strategies utilized within his clients’ portfolios.  The CNBC article titled “Market Got You Worried? Hedge to Buckle up Against Risk” highlights one of the newest sophisticated investment protection strategies, known as structured investments, or also referred to as structured notes.  Many of the potential benefits that structured investments provide investors include:

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  •  – Principal protection (subject to credit risk)
  •  – Improved tax efficiency (in many circumstances)
  •  – Enhanced (leveraged) returns within a particular asset class (depending       on the type of structured product)
  •  – Risk (volatility) reduction strategies
  •  – The possibility of earning a positive return in low-yielding or flat equity       market environments

If you are interested in learning more about structured investments (structured notes) and how they could potentially provide investment protection from declines in your investment portfolio, 1650 Wealth Management offers a complimentary investment guide titled “How the Wealthy Invest, What They Know That You Don’t”.   You may click this link to download your free copy today.



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